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Member Profile: Tom Pace From Able Print

The epitome of a young, modern salesperson ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 27/09/2021 @ 8:00AM

Whenever I see Tom Pace from Able Print arrive at one of our weekly BNI Sterling meetings, I always admire how smart he looks. Go and talk to him and you'll find him polite and knowledgeable too ...

As soon as I need something printing, I'll be speaking to Tom Pace from Able Print!

As soon as I need something printing, I'll be speaking to Tom Pace from Able Print!

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Tom lives in Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire with his wife Jessica, son Freddie and his dog and cat. He loves rugby and cricket and as a hobby, he's into cycling. Well, when I say 'he's into' I mean he's at the level of major cycling challenges around the world.

"He's planning to do the Trans-Mexico bikepacking trail!"

This route is over 3,500km long, takes 40 days, is 50% off tarmac roads with 52,745 meters of ascent, is 4,200 meters at its highest point and links the cobbled streets of some of Mexico's most famous colonial cities to some of its poorest pueblos with dirt tracks, quiet roads, and challenging horse trails.

So, a bit tougher than Land's End to John O'Groats then. I guess this fits in well with Tom's philosophy of 'work hard and play harder'. I can only just handle a couple of miles walk around the fields where I live, imagine mountain biking a distance 150 times longer? That's super healthy for you.

Tom's presentation at our recent meeting wasn't just about him and his past times. It was about Able Print as well. If you're looking for a print company that can pretty much cover anything you could need in business then Able Print is for you.

"Established in 1954, Able Print has grown to over 40 staff!"

They specialise in digital print and can cover everything from short-run leaflets and business cards to full-on Litho printing for catalogues and magazines. Tom told me, "We're just about ready to send out over a million product catalogues for one of our customers so we can work with any size of business".

I asked him what was the most amazing thing they've printed and he replied, "We wrapped an entire building for an exhibition for a travel company. That was a sight to see!"

It must have been an amazing project. So, Able Print can cover everything from 1 embroidered fleecy, through short-run business cards, to roller banners, expo stands, a million catalogue run and a building wrap. What more could you want from your printing company?

Tom told me that they can do pretty much everything in house. "We have a minimum order quantity of one for many things because we digitise logos and designs in house. Normally you'd have a delay as graphics are outsourced, but we've got the skills ourselves and it makes turnaround that much quicker too."

The last time Tom did a 10-minute talk, he showed us a video of his premises with all the different print machines in there. What a hive of industry it was to behold and it was great to hear him again this time enthusing about new processes Able Print can offer to their clients.

"He loves what he does and you can tell!"

He's perfect for his role as he really is the epitome of a young, modern salesperson. As soon as I need something printing, I'll be speaking to Tom. And you should too! Whatever your print needs, whatever the size of the run, speak to him and you'll get exactly what you want at a great price and delivered on time too.

I couldn't recommend Tom Pace from Able Print more highly.

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If anything I've written in this blog post resonates with you and you'd like to discover more about Tom Pace from Able Print, click here to drop me an email and I'll pass it on to him or give him a call on 07595 655248 and let's see how he can help you.

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