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Member Profile: Steve Axtell from It'seeze Web Design

Bad jokes and great web design ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 20/01/2022 @ 8:00AM

When Steve Axtell does his 60-second introduction during one of our meetings, he always starts with a bad joke. Of course, they make us roll our eyes and laugh at the awfulness of them, but what Steve lacks in comedy, he makes up for with web design ...

If you're looking for a great new website, speak to our very own Steve Axtell!

If you're looking for a great new website, speak to our very own Steve Axtell!

copyright: steve axtell / itseeze web design northampton

Steve has been working with It'seeze for 11 years now from his home in Lavendon where he lives with his partner Kirsty. He has 2 children, numerous grandchildren and has a passion for poker and live music. He's also chairman of his local Parish Council.

"He once had an imaginary friend called Blue who turned out to be a 'pigment' of his own imagination!"

Yes, bad jokes and hard work are the hallmarks of Mr Axtell. He has this easy-going relationship with his customers, but is always there for them at the drop of a hat and can be seen running all over Bedford, Northampton and the east side of Milton Keynes looking after them.

It'seeze websites are always mobile-friendly, safe to browse, have the right level of security and are very quick loading. They're also very easy to edit too, which a number of other BNI Sterling members can attest to as they have websites from Steve too.

The Google Page Experience rolled out worldwide recently and many businesses who thought they had a great website fell from grace and plummeted downward through the search engine rankings.

This is why Steve always offers a free website review. Steve said, "Many business owners think a website is a fixed thing. They invested thousands in one a few years ago and think that's that. But it's not! Technology changes, design trends change, and Google certainly changes. What was good for a page one ranking even six months ago can be bad for your ranking now". As a technologist myself, I wholeheartedly agree.

"Always amiable, always friendly
and always willing to help!"

I highly recommend you get a free web review from Steve to check out your own website. His jokes may be bad, but he's an absolute expert when it comes to web design and I can assure you that Steve is the right person to speak to.

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If you'd like to know more about Steve Axtell or would like to arrange a free review of your website, then you can find him at www.itseeze-northampton.co.uk or call him on 07889 763144 to find out how he can help you.

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