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A great electrician, whatever the job ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 17/03/2022 @ 8:00AM

What's the connection between Bridgwater and Warrington? They're both places Rob Jones from MSE and his team have visited recently to do commercial electrical installations ...

If you're looking for an electrician, then you can't go wrong with Rob Jones from MSE!

If you're looking for an electrician, then you can't go wrong with Rob Jones from MSE!

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Rob joined Maintenance Services Electrical Limited (known as MSE) after leaving school. With years 'on the tools', he has developed his electrical skills all the way up to Level 4 Design and Verification of Electrical Installations.

"That's an impressive amount of knowledge!"

Living in Brixworth with his wife Louise and his cat Lilly, Rob loves motorsport; so much so that he spends a lot of his free time driving stock cars in competitions around the country. But he also has a softer side and says he absolutely loves a good spa day from time to time.

When I asked him what his mantra in business was he replied with, "Stay positive, look after your staff and put your customers first". He certainly practices what he preaches and has grown MSE to a team of seven.

During his recent 10-minute presentation at BNI Sterling, Rob showed us a video he took in a huge warehouse where they were replacing the old inefficient lighting for modern LEDs and sensors."We were able to take their bill from £13,000 a year, all the way down to just £1,800 a year by using efficient LED bulbs and sensors. We rewired and replaced everything and saved them a packet."

When Rob says LED bulbs, he doesn't mean the single bulbs we get at home. These are huge light fittings with 25-50 LEDs surrounding a sensor. And it's a very clever sensor that balances the available light coming in from outside with movement below the light fittings. If it's sunny, the lights go out. If there's no one in the warehouse, the lights go out. When it clouds over or someone comes into work, they come on ..., but only to a level that's appropriate, not 100%.

"This creates a huge saving in electricity costs!"

And this is why Rob's services are in such demand. MSE work all over the country now and are doing more and more commercial work as word gets around as to how good they are. And they must be good as Rob gets so many referrals in our meetings.

But he also gives as good as he gets. When he's working in commercial spaces, there's a need for cleaning, power washing, painting and decorating ... and he makes lots of referrals to other members of our little clan. If Rob talks to the owners, he could be making referrals for other members too.

Rob says that idea referrals for him are, "landlords, warehouses, offices, even nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and shops". He still loves doing domestic work though. In fact, he came over to install a Ring Floodlight Cam for my little cottage in the countryside.

"He was professional, courteous, quick and efficient!"

So, I know myself that Rob is an excellent electrician and if you have property, whatever the size, whether it's domestic or commercial, you really should choose Rob Jones of Maintenance Services Electrical Limited to help you out.

To wrap up this blog post, I asked Rob for some final words. He smiled and said, "If I wasn't a good electrician, I'd be dead by now ..."

Perfect answer!

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If you'd like to know more about Rob Jones from MSE, then you can find him at maintenance-service.co.uk or call him on 01604 881003 to find out how he can help.

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