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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 11/01/2022 @ 8:00AM

Our technology problem solver Pritesh Ganatra from BTS UK did his 10-minutes recently and it was a very interesting talk about his life, his business and the things that drive him ...

If you have a problem with technology, then Pritesh Ganatra from BTS UK is your first port of call!

If you have a problem with technology, then Pritesh Ganatra from BTS UK is your first port of call!

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Pritesh runs 1st British Technology Solutions UK, but as that's a bit of a mouthful, it's just known as BTS UK. He sells mobiles, rugged tablets, fibre broadband and is your go-to guy for any issues you have with your business technology.

"Pritesh is also very knowledgeable about
business security too!"

He has lived in Northampton, on and off for 28 years and is not only an avid reader, but a writer too. He writes short stories and film scripts and he runs a technology blog which you can read by clicking here. When I asked him what his dream was, he replied, "To create a technology training centre for underprivileged people". A worthy dream indeed.

And that sums Pritesh up as a person. I often see pictures of him working in the community, distributing food to the homeless and selflessly helping others. I think this is why he is so popular in the Northampton business community, because he epitomises what 'Giver's Gain' is all about.

He puts this down to his personal motto which is, "To be generous with your money and your time." He has been part of BNI for 19 years, so he gets it. And everyone gets him too, which is why he is a central part of BNI Sterling. I couldn't imagine our chapter without him.

Of his business, Pritesh says that, "Business in 2022 is all about data. How you connect to it, how it's moved around, how it's updated. Fibre is rapidly replacing copper, but with that comes inherent problems that need someone like me to solve."

The biggest thing he talks to people about is them not getting the bandwidth they were expecting. There could be a hundred reasons why, from the lowliest microfilter to problems at the exchange or beyond.

"Pritesh is there to help, whatever the problem!"

And also however long it takes. He told me recently about the two hours he spent on hold to a broadband supplier, just so he could ensure one of his customers' problems got solved quickly and easily. That's Pritesh in a nutshell. Always happy to help, always a knowledgeable consummate professional and always happy to go the extra mile for his customers.

Whether you're looking for rugged mobiles or tablets, want to talk about broadband, have problems with your technology, or just need some good advice, I can't recommend Pritesh more highly.

And he's a genuinely nice guy as well. You should call him.

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If you'd like to know more about Pritesh Ganatra from BTS UK, then do visit his website at or call him on 01604 926100 and let's see how he can help you.

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