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Who needs a holiday then? Um, everyone ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 30/08/2021 @ 8:00AM

When you meet Marco for the first time, the first thing you notice is that he's very calm. I'm a great aficionado of being calm, but Marco seems to take it to a whole new level. I guess it's because he gets regular holidays ...

Attention to detail is key with holidays and Marco Williams will definitely get you sorted!

Attention to detail is key with holidays and Marco Williams will definitely get you sorted!

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Working in the travel business is conducive to going away regularly so it's no surprise when you see fabulous deals to exotic locations coming out of Marco's social media. There's always a lovely picture of white beaches and blue skies and then mention of all-inclusive deals and a per person price, which you can pay for monthly.

"It's just heavenly to think about travelling to these places!"

Marco is a well-regarded personal travel expert. He works with all the major travel wholesalers and finds you the exact holiday you want. 5 Star all-inclusive? First-class travel? Hang gliding off a volcano? Trekking through a jungle? Or simply want to read a book on a quiet beach? Whatever you want on your holiday, Marco will find the perfect solution for you, package it up and manage the entire experience for you.

He lives in Bedfordshire with his wife Judith and kids Grace and Alice. He has two cats and loves scuba diving (not with the cats), but, for obvious reasons, hasn't been able to go recently. During a recent 121 I had with him, he told me that diving wrecks was a spectacular thing to do, especially if it was in reasonably shallow, clear water so you can really appreciate what you're seeing.

With his family hailing from Sicily, Marco was well used to travelling to see family from an early age. He backpacked through India in the 80s (really hard work he tells me) and after selling some of the photographs of his travels he became a travel photographer working for a holiday wholesaler.

He told me, "I used to do two weeks travelling and photographing all over the world and two weeks at home. At one point I was in Hong Kong and arrived to photograph some hotels under British rule and left under Chinese rule!"

I asked him for one word to summarise his days working as a travel photographer and he said, "At the start I'd say it was fun, however, by the end, it was just plain tedious". Eventually, he started a small travel agency in the far east and used to fax adverts out to business people.

"I remember getting fax ads for holidays back in the 80s and
I admire the innovation!"

After looking to run his own business back in the United Kingdom, Marco and his family ran their own pub for a while, but the economic crisis of 2008 caused him to rethink his plans. He went back into the travel industry again and finally ended up taking on his Not Just Travel franchise and joining BNI Sterling.

NJT is an award-winning company and Marco loves being a franchisor. With monthly payments, ABTA cover for repayments and a lot of backing and support for Marco and his fellow franchisors, he knows that if something goes wrong, he can support his clients ensuring they have a great experience.

And I think that's why calmness is the first thing I picked up from Marco when I met him. He's a guy with a huge amount of experience within the travel industry, who knows many of the places he books his clients into, working with a company that he knows has his back if anything goes wrong.

"I'd wholeheartedly recommend Marco to you!"

He's even (almost) convinced me to go on a holiday and that's saying something. When we last talked he said "Steffi, what's your ideal holiday?" and I mentioned somewhere warm and sunny with a nice beach I can sit on, drink cocktails and quietly read a book under a shady palm tree. "And how empty would you like the beach then?" Was his next question.

Attention to detail is key with holidays. Marco will definitely get you sorted.

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If anything I've written in this blog post resonates with you and you'd like to discover more about marco williams, click here to drop me an email and I'll pass it onto him or give him a call direct on 01234 581066 and you can talk holidays with him.

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