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Our wills and trusts solicitor ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 26/10/2021 @ 8:00AM

I feel that everyone in BNI Sterling is a genuinely nice person, but one person I consider to be very near the very top of that distinguished list is Joe Hallett from Hannah Solicitors ...

If you're looking for a conveyancing solicitor or need advice around wills, trusts, probate or lasting powers of attoney, speak to Joe Hallett from Hannah Solicitors!

If you're looking for a conveyancing solicitor or need advice around wills, trusts, probate or lasting powers of attoney, speak to Joe Hallett from Hannah Solicitors!

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Joe lives in Daventry with his significant other, Rachel, their two kids and dogs as well. He loves eating, drinking and being merry and his hobbies include rugby, travel and food. When I asked him what his dream was, he thoughtfully replied that he wants to, "Retire to the south of France".

"Well, that's a worthy goal for anyone!"

Joe says his rule in life is to "go the extra mile". Whenever he gets a referral to Hannah Solicitors for conveyancing, he always gives his clients a perfect service so that at least the conveyancing part of their house move is simple and straightforward. The many testimonials you can find about Joe reinforce his character and how others feel about him.

He started Hannah Solicitors in 2012 with Joe providing wills and lasting powers of attorney and his partner in the business doing insurance. It soon became clear that Hannah should be a general high street practice so they expanded, offering a wide range of services, including conveyancing.

Conveyancing is a pretty straightforward offering. People with a property transaction need it, and you need a solicitor to make it all legal and efficient. Joe is the guy you need to speak with!

But when speaking with Joe, there are other things he's a specialist in too. I asked him why people need a will. He said, "Well, if you're a young couple with kids, without many assets and don't think you need a will, should the worst happen to you then the state will decide who brings up your kids. What morals going to be instilled in them? Do you want them to be brought up by someone you don't know?" A very valid point in my book.

"And if you do have assets, and maybe the kids have flown the nest, should you pass, do you want them fighting over who gets what? Without a will, the Government decides all that and it'll take its fair share of taxes before anyone else gets a share of what's left". That's a bit frightening, isn't it?

"Joe told me that 66% of people who die don't have a will!"

So, whatever legal services you need right now, Joe Hallett from Hannah Solicitors is the guy you need to speak with. Although he has the wills and trusts seat with BNI Sterling, he can still help you with conveyancing too.

I'd highly recommend you speak to Joe soon.

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If you'd like to know more about Joe Hallett From Hannah Solicitors, are looking for a conveyancing solicitor or need a will, then you can find him at www.hannahsolicitors.co.uk or call him on 01582 329069 to find out how he can help.

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