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Good writing is good business ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 10/02/2022 @ 8:00AM

Someone who is always willing to help and really does embrace BNI's mantra of Giver's Gain is the very lovely Christine Nairne From Tesserae Communications who did her 10-minutes at one of our Thursday meetings recently ...

Someone who embraces BNI's mantra of Giver's Gain is the very lovely Christine Nairne From Tesserae Communications!

Someone who embraces BNI's mantra of Giver's Gain is the very lovely Christine Nairne From Tesserae Communications!

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Christine is BNI Sterling's Visitor Host Co-ordinator which means she helps set up the meeting, greets all the visitors as they arrive and ensures they always have suitable company when they're with us and not left standing around on their own.

"Christine lives in Thrapston with her husband Dave, has a daughter Jenny and two naughty cats!"

Although she's given up on golf, she's quite into photography, arts & crafts and her goal in life is to see her daughter continue to flourish, which is the perfect goal for any parent. She likes to travel and wants to visit New Zealand and Canada as well as a whole host of other countries.

I recently asked her what phrase best sums up her attitude to work and life and she replied, "Do the best you can in everything you do", then suggested there was a second part to that which is, "to help others do the same".

And through good writing (which we all know means good business) she does just that. She's written blog posts for me in the past and they're always well researched with supplied links and she'll even cast an eye over cold outreach emails I want to send to ensure they'll be opened and don't have any spammy words in them.

And many other members of BNI Sterling work with her as well. Entire websites have been copywritten by Chris and a few of my peers regularly have her write blog posts for them which they then add to their website and publish in their own name.

Her own website is packed with testimonials from happy clients, complimenting her professionalism and timeliness, extolling the virtues of her wide-ranging knowledge and skills with the English language.

"It always starts with a review!"

Christine takes time to speak to you and learn about your business and what you want to achieve. She'll then craft what you asked for with her copywriting service, or even review your website and/or help create promotional materials such as brochures and direct mail.

I can't recommend Christine Nairne from Tesserae Communications more highly. I've used her services myself ... and so should you.

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If you'd like to know more about Christine Nairne from Tesserae Communications, then you can find her at www.tesseraecomms.co.uk or call her on 01832 279630 to find out how she can help you.

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