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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 30/11/2021 @ 8:00AM

Chris Brown did his 10-minute presentation at our meeting recently and showed us all why Xtreme Cleaning Limited is the best cleaning company for miles around ...

If you want a quality job doing, then you need Xtreme Cleaning Limited!

If you want a quality job doing, then you need Xtreme Cleaning Limited!

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Chris has been running Xtreme Cleaning for over 11 years now. Although he originally had roles in sales and insurance, an accident in 2009 meant a long spell in hospital and reoccurring pain meaning sitting in cars and at desks for a long time every day became a big no-no, so he needed to do something which kept him moving around more.

"And so Xtreme Cleaning Limited was born!"

He had complete support from his wife Rachael and his kids and says that both his 2 dogs and his family horse also contributed to his enthusiasm. As someone who loves walking and being active, cleaning came naturally to him and now he has grown Xtreme Cleaning to a team of 15 staff, and a business that works with all sorts of domestic and commercial clients.

Chris always says that value for money is key in his business. There are people that charge a lot less than Xtreme Cleaning does, but do you trust them? Are they insured? Are they properly accounting for their income? Are they flexible enough to be able to cater for any cleaning request? Both inside and out?

If you want a quality job doing, then you need a quality company that you can trust. And besides, any business working with Xtreme Cleaning can claim the VAT back on Chris's cleaning services, so it's a win-win for everyone.

"So how can Chris and Xtreme Cleaning help you?"

If you're a homeowner or renter, Chris can organise regular weekly cleans, as well as deep cleans for particular parts of your home. Carpets, ovens, hobs, extractors on the inside and patios, driveways and gutters on the outside. In fact, it's a complete inside and out service that no other company will offer you.

And if you're a business then Xtreme Cleaning can help too. His team can work out of hours to keep the disturbance to your workforce to a minimum, your premises can be regularly cleaned from top to bottom.

Office furniture, washrooms, kitchen areas, bins and rubbish, lifts and staircases ... Chris offers totally flexible contracts and always likes to work long-term with clients, ensuring that their workforce is clean and safe at all times.

And speaking of keeping employees safe, Xtreme Cleaning has pioneered their fogging service which is a quick way to mist disinfectant into a whole area, be that a shop, office, warehouse or even production area.

As an example of how Chris and Xtreme Cleaning approach their work, a nursery recently asked them to take over the cleaning contract. There are 12 classrooms with different age groups in them as well as offices and shared spaces.

Chris sends his team in there in the evening and they fog the entire building to ensure that the nursery is Covid safe for the next day. At the same time, they do the general cleaning ready for classes to return in the morning.

When writing this blog post, I asked Chris for some words of wisdom. He said, "We love a challenge, we love making a noticeable difference and we love happy customers". And rightly so ... Xtreme Cleaning is doing all that and it's even more important as we come out of the pandemic and return to our new normal.

"Homeowners, renters, estate agents
businesses, schools, warehouses!"

Whoever you are and whatever you do, speak to Chris Brown at Xtreme Cleaning Limited. Based in Northampton, but covering Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire you'll get a fabulous service for the experts in domestic and commercial cleaning.

Whenever Chris does his 60-seconds intro at BNI Sterling, it always puts a smile on my face when he rounds off his intro with his fabulous catchphrase: "I'm Chris Brown and I like it dirty!" You'll definitely like how he makes everything clean for you.

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If you'd like to know more about Chris Brown or maybe book Xtreme Cleaning Limited, then do visit their website at or call him on 01604 436733 and let's see how he can help you.

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