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It's never too early to have a will ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 20/09/2021 @ 8:00AM

One of the first people I had a 121 with when I first joined BNI Sterling was Angela Stokes from Angela Jane Will Writing. A lovely human being with fascinating pastimes ...

It's never too early to have a will, but it can be too late!

It's never too early to have a will, but it can be too late!

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I will put my hand up here and say that my audio recording at our last meeting failed. As I was presenting the meeting due to our beloved leader being ill, I was sitting in a different position to normal, so my iPhone wasn't close enough for it to hear her properly.

"So, no recording and this is all done from memory!"

Let's talk about Angela's pastimes then. She loves travelling, but not to normal destinations like you and me. She's more of an adventurer and I remember being shocked when she told me that one of her favourite holidays was to North Korea.

How did she manage that? Aren't there oppressive rules for travellers? Is everyone starving? Well, no ... Angela says that when she went, it was a most pleasant experience and everyone just gets on with things, regardless of the rules. Follow the rules and you'll have a great holiday ... and she did.

The next thing that amazes me is that she has a private pilot's license because it's something she'd always wanted to do, and also has a very productive allotment, though she sometimes has problems with naughty sheep escaping the field next door and eating her veggies.

So, as a person, she's incredibly interesting, but when it comes to her work, you can tell she's passionate about helping people with their Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

I have a will created by Angela. My life is pretty simple so there won't be a lot of stuff to pass along, but even so, if I hadn't got a will then trying to wrap up my estate after I die would still be a nightmare. Even more so if I had kids.

"And the same goes for Lasting Power's of Attorney!"

More expensive than a will, but more powerful too. Imagine you had an accident and couldn't make decisions for yourself. How would your spouse cope with money management? Could they access your bank accounts? Could they access any healthcare plans? Who would make decisions for you if you couldn't make them for yourself?

Both a properly written Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney are important documents to already have if something horrific happens. And I'd seriously recommend you speak to Angel Stokes from Angela Jane Will Writing to get them created before it's too late!

Many weeks, during her 60-seconds, Angela tells us about sad cases she heard about. Some of them are heart-breaking, like a husband having a sudden accident and the wife going hungry because she couldn't access any money ... well, it just hits home about why you need the right paperwork in place, just in case.

As Angela says herself, "It's never too early to have a will, but it can be too late!" My recommendation is that you speak to Angela as soon as you can.

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If anything I've written in this blog post resonates with you and you'd like to discover more about Angela Stokes from Angela Jane Will Writing, click here to drop me an email and I'll pass it on to her or give her a call on 07825 331447 and let's see how she can help you.

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