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The decorating masters ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 07/12/2021 @ 8:00AM

Andy Parker of Parkers Decorating recently did his 10-minute presentation at BNI Sterling. A long term and very popular member of our chapter, Andy told us all about his family business and why they are the decorating masters ...

I can't recommend Andy Parker and Parkers Decorating more highly!

I can't recommend Andy Parker and Parkers Decorating more highly!

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With over 30 years of experience, Parkers Decorating prides itself on delivering painting and decorating services with a wide and varied base of clients, many of whom have used them over and over for generations.

"They really are loved by everyone they work for!"

Andy says, "Colour really matters. It helps to improve the environment we live work, play and socialise in". I do agree. I have a colour palette I like and my home matches it. "Everyone has a favourite set of colours" said Andy, "And we always give our clients the colour scheme they'll best respond to". Whether that's relaxing in a bedroom, working in an office or chilling out in the living room, everything Parkers Decorating does is to delight their clients.

"It's our pride and our passion" says Andy. "Whether they want to go lighter or darker, they should call a Parker!" It's a fabulous tagline. Andy doesn't need to say it at the end of his 60-seconds now. He just says, "And if you want to go lighter or darker ..." and everyone shouts out the rest with a smile.

"That's because Andy is a very popular
member of BNI Sterling!"

He's a genuinely nice, hardworking guy who wants to ensure the legacy of his family business. Living in Northampton with his wife, children, dogs and cat, he says his hobby is "paying for that lot!" Andy's key to success is to 'listen, understand and respect' which is something we can all attempt to do, both in business and our personal lives.

Inside or outside your home, or inside or outside your premises, Parkers Decorators can work with you whatever you need. They even have specialist equipment such as a cherry picker which helps them reach high up on industrial units. Andy says, "We love domestic work, but we want to grow our commercial side as offices blocks tend to need regular decorating as businesses come and go"

"Any introductions to landlords would be perfect for Andy!"

I can't recommend Andy Parker and Parkers Decorating more highly. Ask them for a quote and they'll be there at the time agreed and give you a price that's perfect for you. It helps that Andy is a really nice chap to boot.

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If you'd like to know more about Andy Parker from Parkers Decorating, then do visit their website at or call him on 01604 630224 and let's see how he can help you.

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