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Member Profile: Alison Hughes Of Kim George Financial Planning

Always happy, always smiling, always ready to help ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 16/08/2021 @ 8:00AM

Always happy, always smiling, always ready to help. Those are my impressions when I think of BNI Sterling member Alison Hughes who has a wealth of investment and pensions knowledge thanks to her work as a financial advisor ...

Alison Hughes works for Kim George Financial Planning, an Associate Partner Practice of St James's Place!

Alison Hughes works for Kim George Financial Planning, an Associate Partner Practice of St James's Place!

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Alison is part of Kim George Financial Planning which is an Associate Partner Practice of St James's Place and she has been in the financial industry for many years. She had various jobs before joining Nationwide as an 18-year-old and, when her first child arrived, she decided she needed more flexibility.

"So she became a financial advisor!"

With a husband, two kids and Rocky the cat she likes nothing better than planning her next family holiday and loves an evening of wine and Netflix. If she has one wish for the future it's that her boys are always happy and says the secret to success is to do things right the first time.

During her recent 10-minutes presentation at BNI Sterling, she told us that St James's Place is one of the biggest wealth management companies in the UK and holds over £144 Billion in client funds. During the pandemic, she spent most of her time on Zoom, but is very glad to be able to offer face-to-face meetings for her clients again.

As an example of the power of BNI, last year another member invited a visitor along. She got chatting with him and he told her how frustrated he was trying to organise multiple pensions into one pot and that the chap he was dealing with seemed to have dropped off the radar and wasn't getting in touch with him.

When our visitor arrived for his meeting with her, he dumped a pile of pensions agreements on the desk and asked her to sort them out. Of course, she could oblige and now instead of having to deal with five different pension providers from five different workplace pensions, he only has one now, thanks to Alison.

Alison says her ideal referral is someone who either:

  • opted out of SERPS and doesn't know what to do now

  • had multiple jobs with multiple workplace pensions

  • due to retire within 5 years

  • hasn't got a pension and can spare up to £250 per month to invest

  • or complains they don't have anyone to talk to about their pension and investments

So, whatever you need, whatever the people you know need, whether that's investment advice, estate planning, inheritance tax or, of course, pensions then Alison Hughes is the one to speak too.

"This blog post is about a financial advisor!"

So I must state that investments can go down as well as up and you may get less than you invested. Regardless of the value of your pensions and investments, it certainly helps to have someone as good as Alison at your side.

You should definitely talk to her.

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If anything I've written in this blog post resonates with you and you'd like to discover more about Alison Hughes, click here to drop me an email or give me a call on 07490 373980 and I'll put you in touch with her.

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