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How To Be A Networking Ninja

Who can you help?

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Posted by Christine Nairne on 31/03/2022 @ 8:00AM

Networking is not about attending events or selling. It is about creating solid relationships with people that you trust, who you can help, and who can help you in your business and career ...

Whether you're face-to-face or online, networking is about building solid relationships with people you truust!

Whether you're face-to-face or online, networking is about building solid relationships with people you truust!

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Building trust takes time and you need to give people reasons to want to help you. Often that means helping them first. However, if you start your networking career with the intention of creating a lot of 'I owe you' relationships, it's unlikely to work for you. If you're speciļ¬c about what it is you want to achieve, you can be more intentional and strategic about building your network.

Here are some easy steps to follow to create a reliable and effective network of colleagues, and they might not be what you expect:

Step one: who can you help?

When you are thinking about your networking goals the first important step is to think about who you can help before you look for people who can help you. Think about what and who you know, and how that could benefit other people. At this point, you aren't looking for sales, but genuine opportunities to help.

So, check your contacts list and think about your skills and expertise. Don't only focus on your business contacts; think about your wider personal network as well.

Step two: how can you help?

You might be able to help someone find a job or provide some informal training. Based on your experience you could give some professional advice. If someone is looking for information, you might be able to introduce them to one of your knowledgeable contacts. Don't underestimate your ability to help and support people or how this can build strong relationships.

Step three: follow up

Listen carefully to what people are saying at every event you attend and in every meeting. Take time to ask people if they would like you to take a look at their problem or to introduce them to someone you know. Most importantly, follow up on any offer you make with the promised action and then check to see if it was helpful.

Step four: show appreciation

If you are helpful, people will want to reciprocate. Don't be afraid to ask for help and, when it's freely given, remember to say a big thank you. This is your opportunity to be introduced to someone who can support you or your business or who might want to work with you.

Follow these steps and in time you will gain a reputation for being well-connected, helpful, and professional. These are the best foundations for your growing business network.

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