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BNI Sterling Returns To Face-To-Face Meetings In August!

We're staying Covid Safe too ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 30/07/2021 @ 8:00AM

It's been a long time coming and after 18-months of weekly Zoom calls, all of our members are excited about being able to see each other again in August ...

From now on, BNI Sterling is meeting at The Old Northamptonians!

From now on, BNI Sterling is meeting at The Old Northamptonians!

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We held our last Zoom call yesterday and as of next Thursday's meeting, we're at our new venue, The Old Northamptonians at Sir Humphrey Cripps Pavillion, Billing Road in Northampton (NN1 5RX for your SatNavs).

"For the health and safety of our members, substitutes and visitors, we will be Covid Safe!"

We'll be checking everyone's temperature when they come to the meeting and we ask that anyone with symptoms stay away, marking a medical absence if they can't find a suitable substitute for the meeting.

We won't be handing out business cards or passing referral slips and we're happy for people to wear a mask and keep their distance if that makes them comfortable. Food is buffet style and we're limiting the number of people at the buffet at any one time.

"Rollerbanners are welcome!"

We're all really excited about getting back face-to-face, though it is important to ensure all of our members, substitutes and visitors remain safe at all times by following the Government's guidelines.

Want to come along one Thursday lunchtime and experience BNI Sterling?

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