Member Profile: Sarah Kite From Cottons Accountants

Originally from Watford, but now living and working in Northampton, Sarah Kite from Cottons Accountants really is the epitome of someone who was determined to make a success of her career ...

Sarah lives with her husband Paul and their two kids. She loves Salsa dancing, swimming and spending time with her friends and family. She started her career working in the family business and then discovered accountancy, deciding that it was something she wanted to pursue full time.

I asked her how she got started, and she told me, "Back in the day, you couldn't get into accountancy without some sort of experience. I couldn't find a firm that would sponsor me to get my qualifications." So, what did she do?

"Whilst working full time, she studied herself and paid for her own qualifications!"

She was that determined to get a foothold in accountancy that she did it all herself and that meant long days working her job, then evenings and weekends studying. Thank goodness for the support of her family.

That really worked for her as she was able to get her qualifications and start working in junior roles within the industry, but she's worked her way up and is not a fully certified accountant working for Cottons Accountants in Northampton.

When we talked I said, "Wow, that is a lot of determination" and she agreed; "I had a tragedy some years ago with the loss of my first child Shaun, and that really drove me forward."

Cottons is a very progressive firm and Sarah really loves working there. She says it's about connecting with her clients and really loves the openness and transparency the partners built into the company. "We have one point of contact for a client" she said, "so if they're mine then whatever they need, they come to me and I get it sorted".

When I asked about the services that Cottons Accountants offer, Sarah told me it was a one-stop shop. "The query may be about something I'm not a specialist at, but we will always have that specialism in-house so I can always get them an answer".

And that is one of the keys to a successful accountancy firm. Do it all in-house, and whatever the client needs, they can get from Cottons. But Sarah goes further and says it's not just about the services, it's about the connection. "When I moved to Cottons from my previous role, I brought a large number of clients with me. And that personal connection along with the trusting relationships I've built over the years meant I fit in perfectly with the Cottons Accountants ethos."

I like Sarah. She is a genuinely nice person who's got her head on straight and knows what she wants from her life. Apart from wanting to make partner, she wants to travel the world in style. "I've done the usual package tours, now it's time for a bit of luxury" she said excitedly.

"Two great goals there, which I know that she will achieve!"

If I was looking for a new accountant myself right now, I would seriously consider choosing Sarah for my own business. So, do you need a new accountant? Someone who'll build that personal relationship, be proactive and offer the accountancy services you need?

You definitely need to speak to Sarah Kite of Cottons Accountants.