Member Profile: Carys Dayne From Specky & Ginge

It's an interesting question isn't it? "What's good about you?" Well, it'll be answered if you work with Carys Dayne at Specky & Ginge, and the whole world of social media will know about it as well ...

Social media is a fickle mistress. Many people just don't get it, others are afraid of it and some just think it's not worth knowing about. But in reality, it is a very important way to get your brand, your messages and your words of wisdom out there in front of your target audiences.

"Step forward Carys!"

She's someone who's worked in both TV and radio and won awards and glory for her work in both types of media. For someone with a small family of a young son and a cat, social media management allowed her to use all of the lessons she learned in the broadcast world and apply them online.

When I asked her to summarise what she does, Carys said, "I offer an exceptional social media marketing service, which is personalised for my client's businesses, all at an affordable price". And it's easy to see why she's so successful at it. Members of BNI Sterling (including myself) refer to her at virtually every meeting and it's her policy of 'Kill them with kindness' which has led to that.

"It's when I figure out what my client is about that I have that Ah-ha moment. What drives them, what their values are, even what gets them out of bed! By being kind and friendly, I build a long-term relationship with them, and it means I can promote them effectively online."

All of Carys' clients see a hugely improved profile with more people engaging with posts and offers. Give her team six months and watch your connections soar! In fact, in June alone, her clients saw an increase of 50% in views with over 1,000 people engaging with posts her team shared. If you're just looking for straight web traffic, you'll see an increase of anything from 20% to 60% depending on your sector.

Carys says that there are particular pain points that she listens out for. "I don't know what I'm doing" is the classic one, but also, "my marketing costs are far too high" and "I don't have the time to do any marketing" are others. If you hear those phrases from one of your friends or colleagues then you know you need to get them to speak to Carys as soon as they can.

"She's a trusted member of BNI Sterling!"

Well-liked and a recipient of many testimonials from other chapter members, we love having Carys as a member of our little clan. We all know that if one of our own contacts needs some social media help that we can confidently refer her to them because we know she'll do a good job.

And that level of trust is the reason you need to speak to her.