Member Profile: Ben Smith From Accuma Financial Planning

When I first joined BNI Sterling, Ben Smith from Accuma Financial Planning was the very first 121 I had. It was part of my passport, but Ben's friendly nature really eased me into the chapter ...

Ben is in his late 20s, and when you talk to him you realise he has a wealth of knowledge and really knows his subject. Ben is our chapter's Mortgage Advisor and he has a very busy seat as people are always buying or remortgaging homes so need his valuable advice.

"Just as a quick aside, he has a fabulous claim to fame!"

He told us during his recent 10-minute presentation that one of his passions is golf. When I asked him more about that he said, "my claim to fame is that I got two holes in one, on the same course, on the same hole, almost exactly 10 years apart!". That's commitment for you. I wouldn't know one end of a golf bat from another, but he certainly has a passion for the sport.

He joined BNI Sterling a few years ago and is one of our longest-serving members. He says, "BNI really works for me. People need mortgages all the time, and even though the recent changes to Stamp Duty seems to have burned out the market, many homeowners still want remortgages, so that's what I'm mainly looking for until the property market picks up again".

Ben studied Financial Services at Northampton University and is a 'whole of market' mortgage lender. He has access to over 100 different mortgage providers. He runs his business through an accredited network to ensure his advice is good and benefits from many offers that homeowners wouldn't necessarily have direct access to.

He likes to work face-to-face with his clients. Before any mortgage is progressed he meets with the homeowners and finds out exactly what they're looking for. This is a free of charge meeting though he sees this loss leader as a way to build trust and really get to know them.

Ben said, "You really need to watch out for arrangement fees. It's great to get a low rate, but if you have a huge amount to pay upfront, is that really affordable?".

"I do like Ben. So does everyone in the chapter!"

His personality, his knowledge and even his age works for him when it comes to people like first-time buyers because he can relate to them from recent experience. However, it doesn't matter how old you are, whether you want a new mortgage on a new property or are looking to remortgage your own home for repairs, renovations and extensions, I strongly recommend you speak to Ben Smith from Accuma Financial Planning.

You will always get the best advice from him.