BNI: Commitment Is A Two-Way Street

At yesterdays first face-to-face meeting, our 10-minute presentation wasn't from a member, but from our Director Consultant Jacqui Elmore who looks after BNI Sterling among other chapters. What I heard was really interesting ...

When we join BNI we make certain commitments to the chapter, but at the same time, BNI makes commitments to us. As a small business owner, life without BNI can seem like a relentless uphill struggle where we waste money on marketing schemes that don't give us the results we're looking for, or we feel alone and our messages get lost in the crowd.

"This is the first quotation for this blog post!"

That's completely different when you're a member of a BNI chapter. We have a supportive network of business friends we know we can trust and rely on and if they can't help us themselves, one of them will always know someone who can. But we do have to play our part and that's where the commitments come in.

As Jacqui reminded us:

- We must arrive early and stay for the entire meeting
- We represent our primary occupation and not a side-hustle
- We will always send a substitute when we cannot attend ourself one week
- We give our fellow members referrals and we bring visitors for them to meet
- And we conduct ourselves according to the BNI Code of Ethics, or the professional standards of our industry

In return, we get the following:

- Our chapter will never accept another member within our same business category
- Meetings run to an agenda to ensure effective use of our time
- Our Member Success Program ensures we get the best from BNI
- The mobile app lets us build relationships with other members around the world
- There's a range of business tradeshows and reginal conferences for us to meet other BNI members
- Other members will always be interesting in what we offer and who we want to target
- There's a ton of other networking tools to help us grow our business
- Plenty of other local, regional and international events for us to shine at
- Up to 50 networking meetings a year for each chapter
- A full, professional training program to teach us how to develop our business through networking

So, all in all, Jacqui reminded us that our relationship with BNI Sterling and the other members within it is a two-way street ... a symbiotic relationship so to speak ... if we put in the effort for the other members in our chapter, then they'll put in the same amount of effort for us.

"And that leads us to the core principle of BNI!"

Givers Gain means everything to us. If you find new business for me, then I'm going to want to find business for you. It's a simple rule to live by and thanks to our DC Jacqui Elmore, today we were all reminded of it in the best possible way.